The Mini Valet

£40 / £50 (£10 discount if carried out monthly)

Best For

  • Cars cleaned fairly regularly or maintained by Simply Detailing.

  • Vehicles in which a mini valet style wash is all that is needed.


  • Protective layer of carnauba wax allows for easier cleaning.

  • Rain water rolls off windows improving visibility in poor weather conditions.

  • Vehicle stays cleaner for longer in wet weather due to the water ‘sheeting’ effect left from wax.

  • Interior cleaned while removing odours leaving a fresh scent from a choice of air fresheners behind.

The Full Valet

£60 / £70

Best For

  • Cars that require a more thorough cleaning.

  • Vehicles that have not been polished in 6+ months.

  • End of lease returns. 


  • Water beading effect making cleaning easier for 3+ months.

  • Vehicle stays cleaner for longer.

  • High gloss reflections in paintwork even on silver and white vehicles.

  • Dulled or scratched paintwork is rejuvenated bringing back that new car look.

  • Carpets thoroughly cleaned removing stains and trapped dirt. 

The Premium Valet

£80 / £90

Best For​

  • Vehicles being sold or recently purchased used.

  • Paintwork in poor condition and in need of improvement.

  • Interior in need of a thorough clean.


  • Paintwork will appear glossier.​

  • Light scuffs and scratches will be removed or reduced.

  • Alloy wheels will be waxed, keeping them cleaner for longer.

  • Interior spaces will be cleaned, light stains on seats and carpets will be removed.​

  • Carnauba wax protects paintwork from the suns UV rays which if left unprotected will fade paintwork – more so in red, yellow and black vehicles.

  • In winter, wax will help paintwork from harsh salts and chemicals used on icy and snowy roads which left untreated can lead to corrossion of paint surfaces.

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