Seat Shampoo

Removes stains and odours from filthy car seats.

 Carpet Shampoo

Removes stains and odours from carpets. (Included in premium valet)

Seat & Carpet Shampoo

Combine both to save £10!

Leather Rejuevenation

Delicately cleans and restores the appearance of dried out or stained leather.

Carpet & Seat Ceramic Coating

Prevents staining by allowing  liquids to sit on the surface of fabrics instead of being absorbed into them, allowing them to simply be wiped away. 

Pet Hair Removal

An extremely time consuming task depending on the breed of cat/dog, priced on inspection as every car is different.

Badge & Emblem Removal

Removing manufacturer emblems and model badges to clean up that back end, priced per badge

Engine Bay Cleanse & Protect

Remove gunk and grime from the engine bay – often a good idea when selling or purchasing a used car. 

Fabric Roof Cleanse & Ceramic Coating

Protects fabric roofs from staining and makes future cleaning an absolute breeze.