Based in Glasgow, Simply Detailing offers all the valeting and detailing expertise you need to keep your car in top condition or restore your vehicle to its former glory.

With a wide range of options to choose from when it comes to care care, it can become confusing to understand what you get for your money and what your car needs. Simply Detailing offer Car Valeting in Glasgow in 3 simple packages. The Mini Valet, The Full Valet & Premium Valet – each building upon what the previous offers. This covers things such as;

Car Polishing

Car Waxing

Wheel Waxing

Seat Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning

Tar Spot Removal 

Maintenance Valeting

Simply Detailing also offers comprehensive Detailing packages, designed to restore extremely damaged paintwork, protect paint long term and use of ceramic coatings to protect all possible surfaces of a vehicle.

Detailing is hands down the best way of restoring the finish of a car, even brand new cars come with defects – usually due to improper care while they are at the car dealership. Detailing involves machine polishing, decontaminating and protecting various surfaces around the vehicle in an attempt to keep it in perfect condition throughout your ownership.

Paint correction involves machine polishing paint to a point where heavy and light defects are removed revealing only but the glossiest paint underneath. This is an extremely time consuming task up to 1 hour can be spent on a single panel to remove all the marring and scratching. 

Paint protection involves laying down a coat of protection in the form of a car wax or ceramic coating. Your average car wax can last anywhere from 2 to 6 months while your average ceramic coating can last anywhere from 12 months to 9 years. Ceramic coatings also add a ‘depth’ to your vehicles clear coat, meaning it has that extra little bit of protection against scratches as instead of scratching the paint, your actually scratching the coating itself. 

Some of the services available include;

Long & Short Term Ceramic Coatings (1 – 9 Year Coatings)

Fabric & Upholstery Protection

Machine Polishing

Paint Correction

Alloy Wheel Coating

Glass Coating

Rubber & Trim Coating

Convertible Roof Coating

Enough Talk, Here Is Some Of Our Recent Work.